About Sarah Todd

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Sarah Todd Activewear represents real women who want to purchase their activewear from a company that considers a woman’s silhouette along with style and functionality. Fabrics, seaming, product silhouettes and styles are chosen and developed to help women look their best before, during and after they have been to the gym.

Another unique attribute of Sarah Todd is that the styling details are taken from what the fashion trends are in the ready to wear market.  We are creating pieces with fashion trends in mind that will be able to be mixed within the line and with pieces from a woman’s wardrobe. Each season will be reworked to integrate appropriate style and fabric trends.  Fall/Winter lines will favor classic fall trends met with an equestrian, utilitarian styling. Spring/Summer lines will have a lightened perspective and integrate an Americana preppy feel mixed with color and sporty details.

Lastly, Sarah Todd pieces fit in with how women are living casually from day to day and on weekends. The workout wear and lifestyle wear pieces are what make up this activewear line.  We hope that every woman will find that we complement her life with clothing that is beautiful and flattering that will take her from day to gym to life effortlessly.


Our Story

Naming a company was not a small project! Many names had been considered and time spent to come up with a name that embodies our passion and commitment to this business. Then while heading to L.A. inspiration hit! We stopped at Todd English P.U.B. for lunch and jokingly a comment was made that the company name should be Sarah Todd Activewear.  

My name is Sarah and like the pub owner my brothers name is Todd and from that moment of silliness it soon became apparent that the name is a perfect fit.  Although my brother is no longer with us, I am proud to honor him in this endeavor.  From that moment, Sarah Todd Activewear was born.


Sarah and Todd on Halloween

To Todd my big brother, lots of love until we meet again!

Your "baby sister"